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This special May/June issue of Consumer Reports (CR) is focused on helping you “keep more of your money” by showing you how to “Save Big at Home” and waste less.  Here you will find 14 pages of ideas that could save thousands in 2023.  The savings suggestions cover everything from air conditioners to washing machines.  Many of these ideas, such as lowering (or raising) the thermostat are totally free, others might require upgrading to energy efficient appliances that can save you more money over the long term.  Some improvements to the energy efficiency of your home may even qualify for new tax credits under the “Inflation Reduction Act of 2022.”  The best suggestion – cultivate a garden!

The Home Entertainment Buying Guide rates and reviews 474 products.  Audio and video media floods our lives with sounds and images.  Often everyone in the family is listenting to or watching something on their device at the same time, making a good set of headphones essential.  CR reviews a whole array of headphones that offer noise-canceling features so that you can hear what you want to listen to without disturbing others.  Check out the reviews for televisions and smart speakers to find the best equipment for those times when everyone wants to watch and listen together.  While you’re looking at technology products, scan CR’s “Top Picks for a Great Home Office” for advice on how to upgrade your computer and printer, as well as tips on “office extras” that will improve your workspace.

Planning a vacation this year?  Check out “Smart Vacation Deals Ahead” for some great tips on where in the world you might want to go and how to afford it.  Early booking, package deals and traveling during “shoulder season” can result in signficant savings.  If all that planning, scheduling and booking seems overwhelming, consider hiring a Travel Advisor.  CR tells you why that might be a good idea based on your trip’s length and complexity.

Other topics in this issue include:

  • “Stay Cool This Summer” 

  • “Proven Anti-Tick Strategies”

  • “Easier Mowing” 

  • “The Best Grocery Store Guacamole”

  • “Portable Generators”

  • “Electric Mountain Bikes”

  • “Blenders”

  • “Innerspring Mattresses”

  • “Machine-Washable Rugs”

Consumer Reports magazine is available free in print and online to Fauquier Public Library card holders, providing access to articles, reviews and ratings on over 8,000 products and services. The library has copies of Consumer Reports dating back to 2019.

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