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New to the Collection

McCall Smith, Alexander, 1948-

The stellar debut of Galactica MacFee

Chen, Wendy, 1992-

Their divine fires : a novel

Coulter, Catherine.


Luna, Louisa

Tell me who you are

Leckie, Ann

Lake of souls : the collected short fiction

New for Adults

Shusterman, Neal.

Break to you

suu Morishita (Mangaka group).

A sign of affection. 8

Little Badger, Darcie, 1987-

Sheine Lende : a prequel to Elatsoe

Adeyemi, Tomi.

Children of anguish and anarchy

Stewart, Brian W.

Digital SAT study guide premium

New for Teens (12-18)

Giedd, Steph

Dealing with bullying

Pallotta, Jerry.

Killer whale vs. great white shark

Bolte, Mari.


Currie, Lindsay

The mystery of locked rooms

Rebman, Nick.

Writing a letter

New for Children & Tweens (6-11)

Sayres, Brianna Caplan

Diggers love to go to school!

Khalil, Aya

Hello, tummy!

Khalil, Aya

Hello, hands!

Cousins, Lucy.

Little Fish's opposites

Posner-Sanchez, Andrea.

Brushy brush!

New for Young Children (0-5)

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