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Do you know how to avoid being scammed?  This month CR explains how scammers make use of texts, phone calls, e-mails, ATM cards, and even QR codes to capture your information.  They do this by playing upon your friendships, emotions and fears.  Don’t fall for their tricks!  For example, any message, call or e-mail that urges you to act immediately isa red flag.  Don’t respond or click on a link if you get such a message.  Does the message say your account is blocked?  Before you click or call the number they’ve provided to “fix” the problem, try accessing the account that’s referenced to see if it really is blocked.  Help someone else by reporting any scams you encounter to the proper agency.  CR explains what to do if you actually do get scammed.  The information will help repair any damage that may have been done and will build up your immunity to scammers.

The newest smartwatches can do many of the things your old fitness tracker could do, and much more!  They can monitor health, safety and fitness details, but they can only do these things really well if you buy a watch with the right sensors.  There are thousands of apps for these watches, they even have aps for games!  In fact, smartwatch features have improved so much that CR has revised their ratings.  Be sure to check out these ratings if you are in the market for a new watch.

What makes a pizza taste good?  CR digs into this question and comes up with some answers in: “The Best (and Worst) Frozen Pizzas.”  CR notes that “in general, pizza is not considered a particularly healthy meal,” (so turn off health monitoring on your smartwatch) but we all know pizza is a wonderfully delicious food.  CR staffers would agree.  They taste-tested seven popular brands – find out how your favorite pizza stacks up compared with others in the frozen food department.  It might be time to try a new brand!

Other topics in this issue include:

  • “Is It Time to Upgrade Your Blender?” 

  • “How to Spot Fake Online Reviews”

  • “Best Budget Electric Bikes” 

  • “Your Guide to Safer Lettuce”

  • “Cleaning Secrets From CR’s Experts”

Consumer Reports magazine is available free in print and online to Fauquier Public Library card holders, providing access to articles, reviews and ratings on over 8,000 products and services.

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