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Updated: Mar 7

Photo courtesy of Fauquier Times

The Mary H. Weir Public Library was one block from my elementary school.  A note from my mother freed me to visit the place during lunch time recess.  It wasn’t a hard choice – play vs. Nancy Drew. The girl sleuth always won.

To check out three books (that was the limit) a library card was necessary.  Nothing else would do despite the fact I was a well-known customer.

I loved my library card. It was my passport to the world of roadsters, clues in crumbling chimneys, cliff hangers resolved in the next chapter.  The wonder of it. I felt from a very young age that reading was the life for me.

September is National Library Card Sign-up Month.

Most of you reading this already have a library card.  But does your best friend? Neighbor? Boss? This month persuade those people in your life to register for a library card. Remind them that signing up for a library card is free and easy, and that libraries are still better than the internet.

This newsletter is filled with things to read, learn, listen or do.  No note necessary from your mother. Just take out your library card and get busy.

Maria Del Rosso

Director, Fauquier Public Library

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