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Updated: Mar 7

There’s a wow factor that greets visitors to Warrenton these days. The beige Britches building at the corner of Culpeper and Main Streets has been transformed by a brilliant rendering of the Blue Ridge mountains. Pure alchemy, perhaps.

Or, maybe not.

You can learn more about murals and what it takes to create them when award winning artist Craig McPherson discusses his work with retired journalist Lou Emerson on February 25, the next installment of our Sundays at Two series.  McPherson is known for his New York murals, as well as paintings, mezzotint engravings, pastels and drawings.  Many can be found in museums around the world.

February is for doers, according to author Marc Parent. And we’ve got plenty for you to do.

Get counting! The 2024 Great Backyard Bird Count takes place from February 16 through 19.  Each year, volunteers tally the birds they see in backyards, parks and natural areas.  Check out a birdwatching kit with all the essentials, including binoculars, a birdsong identifier, flashcards and a guide to Virginia birds.

Added bonus.  Watch our local ornithological expert Dr. David Wiedenfeld on the bird count and other birding resources.

The winter reading program continues.  Pick up a game card and complete the tasks to win a prize.

Bestselling authors Tessa Bailey, Jason Mott and Kim Scott make up the February lineup for Meet the Author.  One writes romances, one is a National Book Award winner and one tells you how to be a great boss.

Here’s our nod to Valentine’s Day.  We’ve put together three Movie Marathons for Romantics.  From Cary Grant to Cher—pick your potion.

Last thoughts. “You are Home” is the Britches’ mural theme.  Remember that when you see a spectacular sunset this month. Both are a reminder that we live in an astoundingly beautiful place. Dare I say “magical?”

Maria Del Rosso

Director, Fauquier Public Library

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