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Photo courtesy of Fauquier Times

It’s hard to believe summer is waning but the signs are all there.  The sun sets earlier, stores stock school supplies, Labor Day looms.  Here at the library, the summer reading program buzz ended with ice cream sundaes for everyone.

Flip flops may yield to hard shoes, but some things are not in flux, like our talented community partners who make great programs happen.

If you haven’t taken advantage of the Naturalist Is In, there are still plenty of opportunities.  Old Rag master naturalists are ready and willing to answer your questions about nature and the environment.

How to remove a ground hog, how to deter ants and ticks, and info about the hammerhead worm are just a few of the questions put to these knowledgeable folks during recent library visits.

In 2019, the world watched in horror as flames devoured Notre Dame, the geographical, spiritual and cultural center of France.  Join legendary local history teacher Bob Jacobs on August 23 for a discussion of  Notre Dame: The Soul of France by Agnes Poirier, the library’s non-fiction book club’s latest title.  One critic described the book as “A passionately recounted history, a compelling story of destruction, restoration and the rebirth of hope.”

Retired editor and journalist Lou Emerson will interview Fauquier County School Superintendent Dr. Major Warner on October 15 for the next installment of Sundays at Two, Fauquier Public Library’s new quarterly series that brings together local distinguished writers, artists, and scholars for conversations about their work and life.  Dr Warner, a lifelong Fauquier resident, attributes his success to teachers and coaches who “saw something in me long before I ever saw something in myself.”

At their heart, libraries are all about sharing. Of course, we lend books, magazines, movies and other wonderful things. But, the library is made all the better, stronger by our community who gives generously of its time and talent. Together we say, this institution is important, it’s ours and isn’t it grand?


Maria Del Rosso

Director, Fauquier Public Library

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