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In this issue CR asks, “What’s in your water?” and tells you how to conduct the necessary tests to find out.  They contend that industries are releasing new chemicals at a rate difficult for the EPA to keep up with, and that it is questionable whether the limits EPA sets will be strict enough to protect

consumers.  If tested water shows problems, what remedies exist to fix it?  CR provides a handy list of regulated and unregulated contaminants and explains the related risks.  Guidance on how to clean up your water supply and tips on what to do to protect your health if you’ve been consuming poor quality water are also included.  Read, “Filters That Work Best” for advice about what filter you’ll need to help remove specific contaminants.

During these long winter evenings and dark winter mornings it may seem too dark in the house even with all the lights on.  This issue of CR has some great advice for finding “The Right Lights for Your Home.”  Old incandescent bulbs are being phased out and store shelves are now full of energy-saving LED bulbs.  Learn how to shop for LEDs to meet your needs for brightness, effect and long-lasting performance.  Check out the handy Room-by-Room Lighting Plan to make the right selections.

Do you have a dog or cat you love as if it were a son or daughter?  Insurance can help cover the costs of certain kinds of pet care or medication yet many pet owners do not have insurance for their pets.  In this issue CR rates eight pet insurance companies.

If you received a cookbook as a gift this holiday season, you may have noticed that olive oil is a common ingredient in many dishes.  With the wide array of brands and grades of olive oil on store shelves, it can be hard to decide which to buy. Check out “Best (and Worst) Olive Oils” before you start cooking.

Other topics in this issue include:

  • “Toaster Ovens” 

  • “Cordless Vacuums”

  • “Paper Shredders” 

  • “Blood Pressure Monitors”

  • “Prevent Frozen Pipes This Winter”

Consumer Reports magazine is available free in print and online to Fauquier Public Library card holders, providing access to articles, reviews and ratings on over 8,000 products and services. The library has copies of Consumer Reports dating back to 2019.

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