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A soft tap sounds at the back door of the Warrenton library offices.  It’s Monday morning and the first of our volunteers for the week shows up ready to work. 


That’s just one of the 80 people who volunteer their time and talent to help bridge the gap between what the library would like to offer and what it can afford.


Together these community-minded souls contributed over 6,000 hours in 2023 processing new books, maintaining our gardens, keeping StoryWalks® current, guiding book club discussions, interviewing local authors, artists or scholars, answering questions about our natural environment or how to use new technology.


Friends of the Fauquier Library volunteers operate the Book Cellar, a used bookstore in the basement of the John Barton Payne building.  Each week they sort through hundreds of donations to keep the store’s shelves stocked with great books and movies for all ages at bargain prices.


All Book Cellar proceeds go to supporting the library.


In fact, in 2023, the Friends gave $32,000 to fund Older Wiser Learners, Sundays at Two, books for Head Start youngsters, ebooks, book clubs, the summer reading program and Meet the Author.


While we cherish our volunteers throughout the year, April 18-24, is National Volunteer Week, a time to recognize the huge difference they have made for our library. 


Thank you, dear friends, for choosing to spend your time with us to make the library one of the best services available to the Fauquier community.  


Maria Del Rosso

Director, Fauquier Public Library

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