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The Fauquier County Public Library welcomes and encourages members of the community to volunteer their time and talents to enrich and expand library services. Volunteers enhance, rather than replace, adequate staffing. They may be used for special events, projects, and activities or on a regular basis to assist staff. Services provided by volunteers aid the library in making the best use of its fiscal resources

The library works cooperatively with local students who must complete service hours as part of an authorized school program to earn academic credit or advanced awards. Students will be accepted if there is a suitable job match when skills, interests, and schedules are considered.

Volunteers are expected to conform to all policies of the Fauquier Library. Volunteers are selected and retained for as long as the library needs their services. Volunteer work may be subject to review and evaluation, correction and possibly termination if it is in the best interests of the library. The library maintains the right to deny a volunteer position to anyone it feels is unsuitable for any reason.

Each year the library will recognize its volunteers for their service. Additionally, as an incentive to recruit and retain talented volunteers, the Library Board extends fine-free status to long-term volunteers. (“Long-term” is defined as volunteers who contribute library service for at least three hours a week for a minimum of one year in a manner agreed upon by the volunteer and his or her library staff supervisor.)

Adopted: 9/7/83
Revised: 6/4/87, 6/2/88, 9/17/92, 9/17/98, 3/20/08

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