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Social Networking Website

Fauquier County Public Library uses several social networking websites to inform patrons and to encourage community involvement in the library. In keeping with the library’s public information plan, the social networking websites are used by staff to provide information on library services, resources, and programs. Patrons are invited to share opinions about library-related subjects and issues. These comments may be used to evaluate current and to plan future programs.

Patron comments posted to library-sponsored websites will be reviewed prior to publishing. Patrons are expected to follow the basic rules of civility: comments may not be obscene, defamatory, or threatening. Library staff reserves the right to edit or remove any comment that is deemed inappropriate or not related to the discussion to which it is attached.

By using this service, patrons agree to abide by the library social networking policy.

Adopted: 11/20/08
Revised: 9/24/09

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