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Registration of Patrons

Fauquier County Public Library borrowing privileges are available at no charge to all residents, property owners, students who attend school, or persons employed in Fauquier County. The library provides reciprocal borrowing privileges for residents of neighboring counties that extend similar privileges to Fauquier residents. Others may apply for borrowing privileges by paying the current fee established by the Fauquier County Public Library.

Identification and verification of residence is necessary to obtain a library card. Identification can be established with a current driver’s license, school identification card, or other valid identification issued by a governmental agency. If no valid picture identification is available, the circulation supervisor may accept other reasonable forms of identification that establish identity. A parent or guardian must assume responsibility for materials borrowed by a person under -18 years of age; therefore, it is the adult identification that is required for registration of a minor.

The library will electronically link the library cards of patrons under the age of 18 with the card of a parent or guardian card holder, when possible. Linked cards allow easier tracking of items checked out, fines, and bills.

Geographic information may be gathered in order to plan library services. This information is used anonymously (no identifying information is compiled or reported) and is not disclosed in any way that would identify the patron registering. All information provided on the registration form is protected by rules and laws pertaining to confidentiality of records and privacy.

Adopted: 11/20/03
Revised: 4/21/05, 10/25/12

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