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Fax Services

The Fauquier County Public Library may provide telefacsimile (fax) services at branch libraries when it is not readily available in the surrounding community. Fax transmission may be available during operating hours, staff time permitting. Library services take priority over fax requests.

The library will only send faxes; it will not receive faxes. Faxes will not be sent to international numbers, including Canada and Mexico. A minimal fee is charged for the service.

Operation of the fax machine is restricted to library staff. Patrons are expected to remain in the library while staff is faxing their document(s).

Any fax documents left at the library after 24 hours will be destroyed if no claim is made to them.

Transmission errors are common and print quality is variable and not controllable by the library. The library does not guarantee delivery; patrons are responsible for ensuring their fax was received by the other party even if the library’s fax machine reports a successful transmission. The library is not responsible for any damage, loss of data or consequential damage arising out of use of this service.

The library reserves the right to refuse to fax documents.

The confidentiality of patrons’ fax documents will be safeguarded according to the library’s policy on privacy.

Adopted: 4/20/17

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