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Distribution of Free Materials

Items that publicize community organizations and local events further the role of the library as the central source for civic, cultural, educational, and recreational information.

Display space is available for community organizations to disseminate information. Posters and flyers displayed on the bulletin board may be no larger than 8½ inches x 14 inches. Bulletin boards may not be used for personal or commercial advertisements. Items may be displayed for a maximum of one month. Library staff will remove items that have expired or that have been posted for one month. Items removed will be discarded; library staff can not return posters and flyers that have been displayed.

Items that may be distributed include flyers, brochures, leaflets, newspapers, and pamphlets that provide information about non-profit civic, educational, cultural, or recreational organizations and events. Materials that promote programs or projects of a personal or commercial nature may not be distributed in the library. Items may be distributed for as long as they are valid. If space becomes limited, preference will be given to items of a timely nature and to organizations or groups that have not recently distributed items. Literature related to political campaigns will be distributed for thirty days preceding an election.

All items for posting or distribution must be presented to the library director for approval; library staff will date and place items on the bulletin board or in the information rack. Distribution or posting of items by the library does not indicate endorsement of the issues, events, or services promoted by those materials. Items left or posted without approval will be removed and discarded.

Adopted: 2/17/05

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