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Confidentiality of Library Patron Records

The Fauquier County Public Library supports every patron’s right to have his or her library records remain confidential. Library records include patron registration data, circulation records, overdue and reserve records, records of participation in library-sponsored programs, record of library visits, and/or any data that contain information linking the patron to specific materials or services used. Each patron over the age of 18 has individual control over his or her borrower’s card. Presentation of the card or appropriate identification permits access to information about the borrower’s current circulation record.

Unless a patron has chosen to take advantage of optional electronic convenience services offered by the automated library management system (including, but not limited to “Patron Reading History,” “Patron Material Ratings” and “Preferred Search”), the library will not maintain circulation, overdue, or reserve records except during the actual period of transaction. When no longer needed for library administration purposes, records will be expunged.

In compliance with Virginia Code 2.2-3705.7, no information will be released to any person, agency, or organization, except in response to a valid court order or subpoena, properly presented to the library director.

Nothing in this policy shall prevent authorized library personnel from using library records in the administration of their regular duties.

Adopted: 9/22/03
Revised: 10/18/07, 10/25/12

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