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Community Partnerships

The Fauquier County Public Library’s resources, involvement, and leadership in the community are extended through partnerships with businesses, institutions, organizations, and other County departments. The library recognizes that partnerships can enhance its image, increase its visibility, provide funds or gifts to offset special programs and services, and help introduce new services. Library partners will benefit from increased exposure and visibility through their involvement with the library. Only entities deemed appropriate and compatible with the mission, goals, and policies of the library will be considered for potential partnership.

Library partnerships may include:

  • Cooperative/reciprocal agreements that are generally on-going and involve an exchange of services between the Fauquier County Public Library and other libraries, governmental, or non-profit agencies;

  • Partnerships with corporate entities that involve the donation of services or concessions to the library for a specific project;

  • Sponsorships in which a sponsor donates money and/or services for an activity and receives recognition for a specific period of time from the library.

The library will develop each partnership on an individual basis and will document expectations and responsibilities in a written agreement. The library reserves the right to cancel a partnership agreement with an organization that uses the library’s name without prior consent or develops a public image inappropriate to the library’s mission, goals, and policies.

Any partnership must respect the library’s commitment to intellectual freedom. The library is solely in charge of the selection of materials, programs, or services. The endorsement of products or services will not be permitted. The library’s policies pertaining to confidentiality of records and privacy will be observed.

Adopted: 1/13/10

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