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Bealeton Depot Room Policy

The Fauquier County Public Library maintains the former Bealeton Depot, located adjacent to the Bealeton branch library as a meeting room intended for the exchange of information and ideas.  To that end, priority is given to library-sponsored programs and activities that supplement and enhance library services.

Fauquier County or other local government agencies may use the Depot for official business and are given priority.  As available, the Depot may be rented by non-profit or not-for-profit organizations engaged in educational, cultural, intellectual, charitable or civic activities that are consistent with the library’s mission.  Businesses may rent the room for educational meetings and training purposes.

After library or government use, priority is given to non-profits, not-for-profit organizations or businesses based in Fauquier County.

The Depot may only be reserved by an adult 18 years or older.

The Library Board of Trustees has established guidelines for room use and fees for the use of the Depot.

The library is unable to accommodate events of a social or personal nature (e.g. birthdays, funerals, wedding receptions, reunions, playgroups, etc.) in the Depot.

Commercial activity and/or solicitation are prohibited. Fundraising, unless it benefits the Fauquier County Public Library or the Friends of the Fauquier County Public Library, is not allowed.

Admission fees may not be charged to people attending meetings or events.  Publicly funded institutions and accredited educational facilities may charge fees to cover the cost of materials and supplies.

The Depot may be reserved up to ninety days in advance.  Except for library and library-related programs, groups may not use the meeting room more than once a month.  Regular meeting times are not guaranteed.   A single one-time event or a limited series of meetings may be scheduled at the discretion of the library director.

All users must adhere to the library’s Code of Conduct and Depot use must not interfere with, impede or disrupt the public’s normal use of the library.

Use of the meeting rooms by an organization does not constitute endorsement of its policies or beliefs.  Publicity must state the name and address of the sponsoring organization or the name and telephone number of the organization contact person.  Publicity must not state or imply that the program is jointly sponsored by the library. Groups should not advertise use of the meeting room until their reservation has been confirmed.

Groups failing to comply with any part of this policy or established procedures may be denied further use of the meeting room.  A denial may be appealed to the Library Board.

Activities sponsored by Fauquier County or the library are not subject to the guidelines of this policy.

Adopted:  11/19/19

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