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I walked out the door the other day and realized I wasn’t hunching my shoulders against the cold.  Why should I? The temperature was a balmy 78!  All around, teenagers in shorts and T-shirts and adults in khakis and wind breakers made the most of the unusual weather.

But like a rubber band, the next day snapped back to 40 degrees and revelers sobered up to face several weeks before coats could be shucked for good.

That’s ok, though.  A tantalizing glimpse of what lies ahead is a good prompt for warm weather plans.

Perhaps you dream of walking out your door to pick tomatoes and green beans for your dinner.  A backyard garden is what you need. Try something from this list – organic gardening, beneficial bugs and how to plant in tiny places are covered.

If your winter weary self longs for “Travel, change, interest, excitement!”  Then follow Toad’s advice and take to the “open road…Camps, villages, towns, cities!”  We’ve got you covered with this excellent collection of regional road trips.

When the weather finally breaks, spend the day outdoors with a nature kit.  From looking at rocks to digging around in the dirt, each pack has the essentials to explore our wild, wonderful world.  And, for fledging bird watchers, there are binoculars, field guides and a nifty bird call identifier.

Now, it’s got nothing to do with homegrown vegetables, day trips or magnifying glasses but is still something to look forward to.  March 14 is Pi Day, a chance to bake in the name of science.  We happen to be pi(e) lovers at the library.  So, bottom, top, or two-crust, there’s plenty to choose from our shelves.

Or, venture further afield and check out 62 pie recipes at New York Times Cooking, free from the library’s website.

Either way, get to baking.  Your friends and family will thank you.

Maria Del Rosso

Director, Fauquier Public Library

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