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In this special double issue CR rates and reviews 855 products – everything from Great Gifts to Cooking Appliances.

The holidays should be a time of good cheer, not a time for angry phone calls and long waits on customer service hold lines.  “9 Secrets to Getting Great Customer Service” can help making a gift selection over the phone or an exchange or return easier.  CR’s “Secret Shopper’s Advice for Better Service”is also a must-read before picking up the phone.

With the holiday’s fast approaching “Great Gifts for $35 or Less” will help you find something for each person on your list.  With reviews for an assortment of products ranging from bonbon boxes to mushroom growing kits you are likely to find something for just about everyone without breaking the bank.

In “Top Picks for 2023” CR kicks it up a notch and covers the best of everything from wristwatches to cars.  Check these reviews for those on your list who will be getting higher priced gifts.  Well, maybe you’ll buy the car for yourself.  Choose from cars costing under $35,000 and those costing over $35,000….or turn the page and opt for an E-Bike instead!

A camera might be the right gift for someone on your list who is lamenting that their cell phone camera is not so great at focusing for distance or taking action shots.  Check out “The Best Cameras From Our Tests.”  CR covers lens options and accessories and offers “6 Easy Tips for Better Photos.” Here you’ll find ratings for “Advanced Point-And-Shoot Cameras,” “Mirrorless Cameras,” and “Single-Lens Reflex Cameras.”

Are you considering serving alcohol this holiday season?  Read “The Safer Way to Drink” for a better understanding of the risks of alcohol consumption and some great ideas on how to prepare and serve alcohol free alternatives.  “The Best Booze-Free Sparkling Wines” looks at alternative options to add to your shopping list.

All the holiday cooking may convince you that it’s time to do a kitchen make-over.  Consult CR’s “Ultimate Guide to Cooking Appliances” where they cover ranges, cooktops, wall ovens, microwaves, air fryers, toaster ovens and even good old toasters.  Everything is changed now according to CR: “If you haven’t shopped for new cooking appliances lately, you’re in for a few surprises.”  CR’s ratings make it so much easier to select the product that’s right for you.

Other topics in this issue include:

  • “Steam Mops” 

  • “Which Brand of Turkey Tastes Best?”

  • “Pay Less for Your New Mattress” 

  • “Cars with the Best MPG”

  • “The One Tool Everybody Should Have”

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