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Group Visits

The Fauquier County Public Library provides resources and programs that seek to inform, educate, enrich, and entertain every member of the community. As part of its mission, the library provides programming for schools and groups that matches their special interests and needs. Presentations are age-appropriate and may include information about library resources, story programs, or basic instruction on using the computer catalog. Whether a school or group seeks a special tour, program, or simply the opportunity to visit without special plans, prearranging the visit is necessary to provide meaningful use of the facility and resources. This will allow library staff to prepare for group needs and to ensure that the visit will not conflict with other group visits or events. Coordination of planning between the library and school and group leaders will result in the best possible experience for patrons.

Guidelines for Group Visits

  1. Schools and groups of 6 or more individuals should prearrange visits to the library at least two weeks in advance. Please make arrangements by calling the location of your planned visit.

  2. The Warrenton and Bealeton branch libraries can accommodate up to 30 individuals per group; the Marshall branch library, 15.

  3. When scheduling school/group visits, please plan for one adult to accompany each group of 10 children. Adults are asked to remain with their groups during the visit and to assist in monitoring the group for proper library behavior.

  4. Because there is a high demand for school and group visits, the library may not be able to provide regularly scheduled visits for specific groups or schools.

  5. When possible, group visits will be scheduled during the hours that the library is not open to the general public. Generally, visits will not be scheduled during the libraries’ busiest hours.

  6. Teachers or group leaders must notify the library if their group will not be keeping its scheduled appointment.

Adopted: 12/16/93
Revised: 2/21/08

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