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Dec 29, 2023

Rebecca Serle, One Italian SummerWednesday, Jan. 10 | 8 p.m.Register

Join us as we kick off the New Year talking to Rebecca Serle about her journey writing epic love stories to span generations. We’ll chat with the author about her New York Times bestselling novels, One Italian Summer, In Five Years, The Dinner List and many more.

Additionally, in a special preview, Serle will briefly discuss her forthcoming novel (due out on March 5, 2024) Expiration Dates. Daphne Bell believes the universe has a plan for her. Every time she meets a new man, she receives a slip of paper with his name and a number on it—the exact amount of time they will be together. The papers told her she’d spend three days with Martin in Paris; five weeks with Noah in San Francisco; and three months with Hugo, her ex-boyfriend turned best friend. Daphne has been receiving the numbered papers for over twenty years, always wondering when there might be one without an expiration. Finally, on the night of a blind date at her favorite Los Angeles restaurant, there’s only a name: Jake.

Expiration Dates is the one fans have been waiting for. Start your year with love and register now!

Rajiv Nagaich, Your Retirement: Dream or Disaster? How to Avoid the Hidden Traps in Retirement Planning AdviceTuesday, Jan. 23 | 2 p.m.Register

Learn how to avoid the hidden traps in retirement planning advice! Did you know that a large financial portfolio, an estate plan, and long-term care insurance won’t be enough to prevent your dream retirement from becoming a disaster in the United States? Or do you know someone forced into institutional care after a health crisis, lost assets due to unplanned medical and long-term care costs, or who became a burden on loved ones? According to Elder Law Attorney Rajiv Nagaich and author of Your Retirement: Dream or Disaster, these results are called “retirement plan failure.”  Over his 20-plus years of experience in United States elder law, Rajiv has developed a step-by-step guide to retirement planning by connecting the various dots of the retirement planning process. The LifePlanning approach is a system that brings together legal, financial, and housing issues into a coordinated effort that can work to make sure you don’t end up being forced into institutionalized care, going broke, and being a burden on your family. In this enlightening and informative webinar, Rajiv explains why “retirement plan failure” happens and how you can keep it from happening to you. To avoid the hidden traps in retirement planning, register now!

Dr. Robert Lustig, Metabolical: The Lure and the Lies of Processed Food, Nutrition, and Modern MedicineTuesday, Jan. 30 | 2 p.m. Register

Launch your New Year healthy with Dr. Robert Lustig, a pediatric neuroendocrinologist who has long been on the cutting edge of medicine and science. Dr. Lustig’s book, Metabolical: The Lure and the Lies of Processed Food, Nutrition, and Modern Medicine, weaves the interconnected strands of nutrition, health/disease, medicine, environment, and society into a completely new fabric by proving on a scientific basis a series of iconoclastic revelations, among them:

  • Medicine for chronic disease treats symptoms, not the disease itself

  • You can diagnose your own biochemical profile

  • Chronic diseases are not “druggable,” but they are “foodable”

  • Processed food isn’t just toxic, it’s addictive

  • The war between vegan and keto is a false war—the combatants are on the same side

  • Big Food, Big Pharma, and Big Government are on the other side

Dr. Lustig insists that if we do not fix our food and change the way we eat, we will continue to court chronic disease, bankrupt healthcare, and threaten the planet. But there is hope: his book and this webinar explain what’s needed to fix all three. Dr. Lustig offers a doable plan to heal and restore our health and well-being and, in the process, boost our immunity to viruses like Covid-19.

Meet the Author is sponsored by Friends of the Fauquier Library and made possible through the Library Speaker’s Consortium. Two to three programs are offered each month.

Register for these author talks and check out other Meet the Author events online. All programs will also be available for on-demand viewing following the event.

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